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Meet Audrey Walker Ellison

In January of 2013, ADonor ABOut a Cause-full colorudrey Walker Ellison expected her life to be changed forever—after all she was going to have a baby and motherhood is downright life-altering. However, before she could embrace her new role with absolute abandon, Audrey would be in for the fight of her life. Or, more accurately, the fight for her life. Audrey faced a rare complication, only .02 percent of all women face during pregnancy—HELLP Syndrome (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count) which is tricky to diagnose and can be fatal. Audrey thought she had the flu since the first symptoms are similar to those of influenza but then her liver began to shut down and she had to have an emergency c-section. Her chances of survival dropped to 25 percent. As part of her treatment, Audrey needed platelets, one of the most fragile of blood components. “You never think you’ll need [blood] until you do,” Audrey said. “Blood donors make a difference. You may not appreciate it until you have to have it—I never thought I’d have to have it. I’m very thankful for everyone who donates; it’s a wonderful thing to do—to give life.” Audrey is looking forward to her future, living each day to the fullest and being a mom. She is thankful to all those who were there for her so she can be there for her son—that includes the blood donors who took the time to donate platelets. “Thank you for letting me raise my son and being there for him,” she tells the people whose blood and platelets she received.

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The Need for Platelet Donors

Did you know that some cancer treatments cause a loss of platelets? When platelet levels fall too low, patients may need platelets from donors to replenish their supply and prevent life-threatening problems. Who else may need platelets? People undergoing organ transplant, bone marrow transplants, heart surgery or even burn victims. With the shelf life of platelets being only 5-7 days and some patients using 3 or more units per day during their treatment, the need is constant. Make donating platelets and saving lives part of your monthly routine. Call 601-981-3232 to schedule your appointment today.

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