Our platelet shelves are currently empty after filling orders this morning. We are issuing a PLATELET PLEA and asking you to call 601-981-3232 today to schedule your platelet appointment. Platelet ... read more

Platelets Needed
Who needs platelets? Trauma patients Surgery patients Cancer patients How often can a donor give platelets? Every two weeks up to 24 times a year How long do platelet ... read more

Delta Blues & Heritage Festival
Sometimes donating blood takes you where you want to go. A.W. Watkins has never been to the Delta Blues Festival, but it's an event he's always wanted to attend. Thanks to his donation he won the pair ... read more

  Eugene Broadwater
Eugene Broadwater has a cheerful demeanor that brightens his surroundings—even when those surroundings are at a cancer center where he’s receiving treatment. Eight years ago, Eugene was di ... read more

Cordarius Givens
Cordarius Givens is a 11th grader at J. Z. George High School in N Carrollton, MS. One Christmas, when Cordarius was 5 years old, Cordarius's mother noticed he wasn't feeling well. She said ... read more

Landry Skelton
Landry Skelton Lumberton, Miss. Cancer, Blood Recipient "Thanks to blood donors, I am living a normal life." Landry Skelton’s mother received the greatest gift of her life Christma ... read more

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