msblood325-310_Cassandrapinkdress4by6When Cassandra Johnson was expecting her first born she knew she had to have all the essentials: crib, diapers, bottles and so forth. What she wasn’t expecting was the need for blood. Childbirth left her hemorrhaging and convulsing. If she had not received blood, her time as a mother would have been tragically short. But thanks to volunteer blood donors, Cassandra quickly recovered and went on with her busy life.

While one time is enough to make patients appreciate the need for blood, Cassandra found herself once again in that unenviable position. Diagnosed with breast cancer, Cassandra had to have a bilateral mastectomy and again needed blood as part of her treatment.

Looking back, she is very grateful for the unnamed heroes who on two separate occasions saved her life. Her children, now grown, are blood donors, making it a family opportunity to give back to their community.

“Please donate blood,” says Cassandra, “because you never know when someone in your family will need it.”

“Giving blood,” she adds without hesitation, “it’s a good thing to do.”

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