Horatio Wellsmsblood761-Horatio1copy
Jackson, MS
Premature Birth, Blood Recipient

Thanks to Blood Donors, He Can Tackle Whatever Life Throws at Him

When Ayana Wells went in for an emergency C-section, her infant son was in for the fight of his life. Born at 23 weeks, four months premature, little Horatio was in NICU at Baptist Hospital for four months. During that time he needed four to five blood transfusions.

Horatio’s dad was already a regular blood donor. But because premature babies have to have O negative blood, neither of his parents could donate blood for him.

“When I couldn’t donate for him—then I knew how important donating blood was,” Ayanna said.

Thanks to volunteer blood donors Horatio is a happy, energetic little boy who tackles life head on—as only little boys can.

“Until you are put into that experience you don’t realize how important blood is,” Ayanna added. “But when you are in that experience, then you really understand—you see the need. It really does save lives.”

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