Landry Skelton
Lumberton, Miss.
Cancer, Blood Recipient
“Thanks to blood donors, I am living a normal life.”

Landry Skelton’s mother received the greatest gift of her life Christmas Day 2002, a baby boy. Over the next few months of his life she began to notice that he seemed sicker than other babies. Then at seven months, she discovered a lump on his side. Landry was later admitted to the hospital and tests indicated that he had neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. Landry’s mother was told that her child had a 25 percent chance for recovery.

“As a parent, my whole world had turned upside down,” said Jaclyn Skelton, Landry’s mother. “Days and nights followed with the task of seeing my son go from a healthy looking baby to a pin cushion.”

Landry underwent multiple blood transfusions and chemotherapy. On March 19, 2004, surgeons removed one of his adrenal glands that had the primary cancer in it and one of his testicles. He is now in semi-remission.

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