Olivia Lipscomb
Hurle’s Syndrome
Greenville, MS

msblood762-Olivia_color_touchupcopyOn Feb. 16, 2006, Olivia’s parents received the painful news that their precious little girl was suffering from Hurler’s Syndrome (MPS-1). Her tiny body was not able to manufacture a vital enzyme and if left untreated her life would be short and grim.

She was scheduled for a bone-marrow transplant and was admitted to the University Mississippi Medical Center. The procedure required numerous blood transfusions, and little Olivia received between six to eight units of blood to help her red cells, white cells and platelets grow.

Olivia’s parents have a whole new appreciation for Mississippi Blood Services and its importance on the “survival” part of recovery from a bone marrow transplant.

“Mississippi Blood Services in coordination with UMMC – they’re your best friends,” Olivia’s father Jamie Lipscomb said. “Thanks to each and every one of you our child is an ‘overcomer’ and miracle for us all. We now know the real importance of blood!”

Olivia’s parents know that their daughter is alive because of blood donors and are indebted to them for their support and donations.

“You saved her life forever!” exclaimed Lipscomb.

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