msblood946-MBSBannerPamSwansonPam is a happy, busy mom who fills her life with her family, friends, teaching and decorating. She didn’t think much about illness until her life was changed with Type 1 Diabetes more than 26 years ago. She had to remind herself to take shots everyday and to take care of her body.

In spite of her vigilance, Pam eventually needed a kidney. In 1999, she had her first kidney transplant, followed by a pancreas transplant to protect the new kidney and recently had another kidney transplant. Throughout her transplants, she was ill and needed blood transfusions and still may need one at any given time.

Pam is married to the love of her life and has four children and four grandchildren. Pam Swanson knows what life is about and how blood donors saved her life. She hopes everyone else realizes that too.

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