msblood760-mbs-020ReShawd Ellison and his parents, Dimitri and Angela, are no strangers to adversity. When ReShawd was three months old, he was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Before he was ten, he had already suffered from debilitating strokes. He has been a blood recipient since he was five years old. He will need blood transfusions at least once a month for as long as he suffers from sickle cell disease. The only cure at present is a bone marrow transplant, and for that to happen a perfect match will need to be found. And while a bone marrow transplant will help the overall effects of sickle cell disease, it can’t undo the damage caused by his strokes.

The strokes ReShawd has suffered from have left him in a wheel chair, but they haven’t quenched his spirit or taken away his dreams. A typical 16-year-old boy, ReShawd likes racecars and video games. He’s an avid reader and enjoys cooking, as well. After he graduates from high school, he hopes to attend college at either the University of Southern Mississippi or the University of Southern California. His goal is to be a video game designer.

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