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EMERGENCY BLOOD SHORTAGE: We are sending blood out to the hospitals just as quickly as it comes in.  While we saw an increase in donors the past week in response to our appeal, the donations have slowed to nearly a stop. In the past two days alone we have been nearly 200 donors short of what we need to meet hospital need!  At this time we are meeting the absolute minimum needs of the hospitals, but this leaves us with nothing on the shelves to send out in the event of an emergency.  Please use our website or call 601.368.2673 to find a donation location near you and donate TODAY.  The lives of Mississippi patients are counting on you.


Are you ready to HEAL FOR REAL?

Mississippi Blood Services is very excited to announce our partnership with esports organization Team Liquid !  All donors at our Flowood, Oxford or Greenville locations who mention Heal for Real will receive a limited edition RED Team Liquid shirt. Make today the day you roll up your sleeve and Heal for Real!  Use your Donor Portal account to schedule an appointment or call 601.368.2673 to speak with an MBS team member who can help you with your appointment.