Mississippi Blood Services is proud to partner with several like-minded organizations with in the community. These partnerships afford us the opportunity to reach a more diverse audience than we could reach individually. We are organizations working together ABOut A Cause.

The ABOut A Cause program serves as a bridge between the need for blood that stems from so many different causes.  When you make a blood donation, consider crediting your donation to one of our worthy partners and Mississippi Blood Services will send a financial contribution to the partner for every unit donated. We are proud to work with the following causes in 2018:

You pay it forward by donating blood, we pay it forward with a financial contribution to your cause and we all pay it forward every day to Mississippians in need.

It’s more than about blood…


To learn more about the MBS ABOut a Cause program, contact Anna LeBreton at alebreton@msblood.com 769-233-0708