On Wednesday, March 21st, people across the globe will come together within their communities, families and over social media to celebrate those with Down Syndrome, for World Down Syndrome Day.

 Rock Your Socks is an awareness campaign that encourages people to wear their brightest, most colorful socks or even multiple socks to show their support for those with Down Syndrome.  It was started to bring attention to prompt questions on “Why are we wearing such “Crazy Socks”? giving us the opportunity to spread awareness and create a single global voice for avocation for the rights, inclusion and well-being of people with Down Syndrome.

 Why Rock Your Socks on 3/21? People with Down Syndrome have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, while most people have just 2 copies.  Down Syndrome can affect how a person looks, speaks and how he or she learns in school.  Students with Down Syndrome may need extra time to do their work or have helpers, but they can learn the same skills and keep up with and also excel the same as their classmates.

When you get to know people with Down Syndrome, you will find that they are more like you than they are different!  They play on sports teams, are artistic, play instruments and join clubs at school.  They want to have fun and make new friends just like we all do!  As adults they work, have careers and are business owners!

Today more than ever we rise to show that we are all more alike than different and everyone has a role to play in the success of Mississippi and the lives of Mississippians.  Rocking our Socks is just one way to bring attention to this cause!

Mississippi Blood Services has proudly partnered with The Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society in our ABOut A Cause Campaign!  Their goal along with other organizations in Mississippi is to spread awareness, offer support and futures for children and adults alike with Down Syndrome.

Donate on March 21st at our Main Center in Flowood , Oxford Draw Station or Greenville Draw Station and receive your very own pair of Crazy Socks to Rock! (While Supplies Last). 

Take a selfie of you and your friends “Rocking your Socks” and tag us on social media!!




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