Mississippi Blood Services is proud to partner with several like-minded organizations with in the community. These partnerships afford us the opportunity to reach a more diverse audience than we could reach individually. We are organizations working together ABOut A Cause.   The ABOut A Cause program serves as a bridge between the need for blood that stems from so many different causes.  When you make a blood donation, consider crediting […]

De’Shawn and Trinitee’, Partners in the Fight! De’Shawn & Trinitee’ are brother and sister. They share more than their DNA however. Both have Sickle Cell Anemia. Never knowing each day when crises will strike. In October 2017 crises hit De’Shawn with a vengeance! To get him back on his feet it took a TOTAL EXCHANGE! Our goal at MBS is to find the “Perfect Match” for each Sickle Cell patient […]

Timothy Lewis, Fighter / Winner!   Timothy Lewis attended a Health Fair as many do. For Timothy however, a simple screening put him on a journey he never expected.  He was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that made it harder for his heart to pump blood to the rest of his body. Treatment was unsuccessful and he found himself in ICU waiting on a Heart Transplant.  30 days […]

Molly May: Survivor! Molly is no stranger to Breast Cancer. Her Mother was diagnosed when she was only 8 years old!  Thanks to dedicated medical professionals and blood donors, Molly’s mom is a Survivor! Little did Molly know that 11 years later she would be the youngest person in Mississippi to deal with the diagnosis herself!  Molly now pays her gift of life forward by spreading the word on early […]

Mary Fortune: Making a Difference! Mary has been living with Diabetes most of her life. As a teenager she became desperately ill and required a lengthy hospital stay and many transfusions of blood and blood products during her recovery. She credits her medical team and the units on the shelf that were available when she needed it to her recovery. While in the hospital she felt a calling on her […]

Kallie Hargrove, Fighter! Kallie was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease when she was only 4 months old! Thanks to the Mississippi Sickle Cell Foundation and Mississippi Blood Services, Kallie has gotten the support and blood she’s needed and has no plans to slow down!  Kallie says that her experience has made her the strong young woman she is today!  Our goal at MBS is to find the “Perfect Match” for […]

Kate Cox, Champion! Kate has Down Syndrome and before she was two she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.  Prior to her treatment, Kate needed blood and platelets. Today, Kate is cancer free! Kate is a champion and her future possibilities are endless!  Her heroes are blood donors like you and the folks at Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society.     Donate blood at any Mississippi Blood Services location and credit your donation to Central […]

Linda Amos, Victor! In April 2011 Linda’s life changed in a Heartbeat… Literally! A Heart Transplant transformed Linda to what she describes as a “Living Miracle”! Now she pays it forward by sharing her story, raising awareness and encourages others to register as an Organ, Tissue and Eye donor! Donate blood at any Mississippi Blood Services location and credit your donation to MS Organ Recovery Agency            MBS #MORA and Mississippi […]

CJ Stewart ~ A humble hero! CJ Stewart’s life was forever changed in 2010. In Afghanistan, CJ was victim to an RPG. His wounds were extensive but because of dedicated surgeons, therapist and blood donors (CJ received over 30 units of blood) CJ began his healing process. During this lengthy recovery process, he felt a calling on his life and now he pays this gift of life forward by influencing […]